Linda’s testimony

In my job, I got to know the Oakleigh golf club’s members. There are nice gentlemen and ladies, as well as teenagers. I am very happy to meet these lovely people.

The members are very active. Every Saturday morning, when it’s still dark and the golf shop isn’t even open, members are already in the parking lot waiting to play.

The members are very regular and persistent. No matter the weather is windy or rainy, whether it’s cold or hot, these members always turn up regularly for their weekly golf activities.

They are friendly and funny. Members are required to register at the course before each event. They are nice and funny to make people laughing.

They are good at organizing. Each time the captain typed out a list of the participants. It has each member’s information and handicap on it. And also he printed everyone’s information on the scorecards.

They love to play golf. Each period of time, the game will change to a different way of playing. Sometimes it’s a stroke, sometimes it’s a match play, sometimes they use only three clubs. Such different gameplay makes everyone fun.

They like a big warm family with welcoming atmosphere. Once members got a hole in one they come up to tell me and share their joy with me. I’m very proud of them.

So, I highly recommend Oakleigh golf club to you, you deserve it!

Linda Chen