Health and Safety


The Pro-shop is equipped with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Match Day

Oakleigh Golf Club has a heat policy.

Competitions can be cancelled due to heavy rain (and flood risk)

Play can be suspended due to thunder & lightning activity

Covid 19

Unfortunately Covid 19 has resulted in unprecedented disruption to our daily lives, and has resulted in interruptions to some of the Club’s activities. Currently:

  • The Club is bound by the health and safety requirements of the State, and restrictions imposed by Monash Council and the course manager.
  • Use of the clubroom facilities has been suspended. Lunch and the bar remain closed until further notice.
  • The Club strives to remain flexible and adaptive to changes in social distancing.
  • Members who feel sick must remain isolated.

Competition play and use of the clubrooms is guided by advice from Monash Council. Currently social distancing restrictions are in force. People entering the clubrooms must scan the QR code, or sign the register at the entrance. Disinfectant is available.

In accordance with State government policy, OGC has a Covid Safe Plan and the latest version can be accessed via the link:


Smoking is permitted on the course. Smokers must dispose of butts in bins provided, and are encouraged to be cognisant of other players e.g. asthmatics, secondary smoke etc.

Smoking is not permitted within the Club rooms, however, smoking is permitted in outdoor areas.

Herald Sun 30th June 2019

Evidence of the Club’s performance

An unfortunate incident occurred during a Club event on the 8th June 2019. The story has been retold from an excerpt from the ‘Monash Times’:

Former Oakleigh Mens Golf Club president Peter McGrath is known to be a tough competitor on the course and he kept his reputation intact on the weekend.  Competing in the first match play round of the Oakleigh Cup, and following a nice tee shot on the 7th, he unexpectedly went into cardiac arrest.  Fellow playing partners were able to respond immediately with an emergency 000 response call and administration of CPR.  Fortunately, Oakleigh golf course has a defibrillator and this was applied (twice) to resuscitate the ailing champ before emergency services arrived to provide further care. 

The club is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and prides itself on its social atmosphere – and the actions of members to assist Peter is testament to this.  The course is short, but tight, and if you don’t enjoy the Saturday morning walk, you can discuss it over lunch with other hackers.  Competition fees include lunch, with a supporting liquor licence, and prizes are awarded to the best, the accurate, the longest, and the worst rounds.  New members (male and female, all skill levels) are most welcome to join the ranks.

Oakleigh Golf Club