I don’t have a handicap?
After handing in three signed cards, you will be assigned a Golf Australia handicap. After this it is up to you as to whether your handicap changes. Handicaps are adjusted each time you complete a round and submit a signed card (Handicaps, however, will not change during competition events that run over multiple weekends).

How do handicaps work?
A handicap is a numerical rating that indicates how many extra strokes a player is expected to take per round, in comparison to the par of a course. A golfer’s handicap is fundamentally an assessment of how well they play the game, and also provides a tangible method of tracking improvement. A handicap is required to play in competitions and gives less proficient players a way of competing against better players, ensuring a level playing field. For example, if your handicap is 18, you get 18 strokes taken off your final number of strokes. You don’t need to do anything apart from accurately counting your shots (and your playing partners) each week. The Club handicapper does all the number crunching.

I don’t know how to play golf. What should I do?
The Club accepts members of all abilities. Royal Oakleigh is a great place to learn. So you don’t get too worried on the first tee, it is recommended that beginners have a few lessons initially. Hit Sandy up at the pro shop for a few lessons (1-club golf).

Do I need a buggy or cart?
Some of the older buggers use powered buggies. It is totally up to you.

I don’t know the rules of golf?
Members will teach you the rules of golf. The Captain will make up his own rules.

I don’t have any mates?
That’s obvious if you are taking the time to read this. Come on down and chances are you will meet a few new friends.

I don’t have any clubs?
Clubs (and buggies) are available to hire from the Pro Shop. Or look in the creek for a few discarded putters!

How do the competition formats work?
Don’t panic – worry about hitting a straight ball. The Captain or your playing partners will explain the rules.

Is there a rain policy?
Lightning is a Health & Safety issue and a ‘hooter’ will be sounded and competition play suspended.
If there are less than 2 groups, competition play may be suspended. Generally the members prefer the warmth of the club room rather than a drenching.

Can I introduce a guest to play?
No problem – guests are most welcome! If they don’t have a handicap that won’t qualify for the weekly competition, however, ‘nearest to the pins’ and other daily prizes are on the table.

Do I need spikes?
Spikes are not compulsory, however, golf shoes may ensure a stable stance during your swing.

Is golf a family sport?
Absolutely. We encourage members from juniors through to old buggers.

Can I use my mobile phone on the course?
No. Place your bets before your round, or in the club rooms afterwards.

What happens when I get a hole in one?
You get your name on a board in the clubroom & a mention on this site. Everyone in the clubhouse is a winner (the Captain will see to that) and we will all help you celebrate!

Where is the nearest TAB?
The Foresters Arms is a few minutes walk away.

Does the Club cater for vegetarians?
Vegan lunch options are unfortunately currently limited – you’ll most likely get an (un)buttered roll. The Club cannot vouch when Dim Sims are being served. According to CUB, most of their beers are vegan friendly. Please advise the chef of any dietary requirements.