Course Development

A large water hole was developed on Scotchmans Creek which was a popular swimming spot for locals in the early 1930s. Unfortunately the water hole was subject to a number of incidents and drownings. This forced the development of the Oakleigh Pool, which was officially opened by Sir Robert Menzies circa 1950.

Oakleigh Golf Club

During the depression, sand and gravel was taken from Scotchmans Creek. The water hole, and many parts of the creek were ultimately backfilled with rubbish.

Market gardens were present to the south of the course (Rua Street area), and extensive areas of brick manufacturing (Kingston Town Close / Brickmakers Park).

Oakleigh Golf Club

Residential development encroached upon the market garden areas. Early plans to develop the course were discussed by the Council in the early 1970s. Much filling occurred in the eastern end of the course near Huntingdale Road.


Limited information was available documenting the development of the course. The image below shows the development of the course looking northwards towards the 6th Hole circa mid 1970s.

Lucky Seach wetting (one of) his daughters heads
Oakleigh Golf Course

In the 1980s the layout of the course was different to that of today. The second hole had an elevated tee located further west of the existing tee. Remnants of this old tee are visible today, but overgrown with vegetation.

Also in the late 1980s the 5th hole was shortened to a Par 3 and the 6th hole converted into a Par 4.

The 7th tee was located further east from the present day position. This was ultimately shifted in the late 2000s, shortening the hole.

Oakleigh Golf Course

Oakleigh Golf Club

In the late 1990s / early 2000s, the green on the 8th hole was shifted from off the southern boundary fenceline, to the north, and a bunker added.


Oakleigh Golf Club

There was a bunker on the 2nd hole that extended along its northern side, however, it was shortened in length in 2019.

Oakleigh Golf Club