Club History

The club was formed in 1979. Originally the Golf Clubs (Oakleigh Mens and Oakleigh Ladies) were contained in a small room which is now the kitchen area of the pro-shop.  The original pro, Tim Silver lived in the residence on the second floor. The Veterans club was formed circa 1984/85. In 1997, the club was concerned about being relocated from their clubrooms and held a number of discussions with council regarding the proposed improvements.

Early floor plans (apologies for poor quality)

The following is an abridged history of the club based upon some notes found in the clubrooms. Note some historical activities and values of the club may not reflect those of the current club.

1/10/79Articles of Association adopted
1/10/79Fees for members: $20 Adults, $7 juniors, no joining fee
1/10/79Hit off times 7:30 – 8:30 am, juniors accepted to play in club competitions
5/5/80Name badges (purple & gold) to be purchased for all members
7/7/80Club championship – open to all financial members who have played an averae of two competitive games for each of the previous three months prior to the commencement of the Championships.
6/4/81Honour board donated by Gordon Ashby
1/6/81Birdie Board
6/7/81Nearest to the pin – each Saturday with golf ball to be awarded instead of trophy
6/7/81Women not eligible as we don’t want them (sexist?)  (Ed: this is how it was written)
3/8/81Sign to be placed on first tee re general rules and etiquette
5/10/81VGL application to join
12/10/81Hole in One shield obtained
12/10/81Application obtained from Oakleigh Police for a Liquor License
7/12/81Monthly Medal – to ramain as last weekend of each month
7/12/81Oakleigh Golf Club accepted to join the VGL
7/12/81Scores placed in the Chadstone Progress
8/2/82Two doz. Beer glasses purchased
8/12/82Handicap- loss thereof if card is not put in at least once a month, legitimate excuses to be considered
8/2/83Club uniforms (Shirts with Club Logo) to be purchased at $17/each
8/2/83Fines (for minor offences) limited to 20c maximum (only exception to be loss or rewriting of cards)
8/2/83Social Committee to be formed
8/3/83Bushfire Fund – $158 collected and to be forwarded to Salvation Army
8/3/83Competition fees to be raised from 50c to $1, pensioners to remain at 50c
8/3/83Competition- A & B grades to be set up
8/3/83Pennant – trialling of hot lunches an unqualified success
12/4/83Trophy cabinet to be erected on wall ($35)
10/5/83Club jumpers brown with Logo
13/8/83Club championships eligibility: players must have submitted 5 cards for handicap
13/8/83Committee meetings – first Monday of each month
13/8/83Practice net ($45) to be erected for members when needed
10/10/83Fees raised: $24 Adults, $20 Pensioners
10/10/83Sand buckets: members rostered to clean and issue, timber and hooks to be supplied for bucket stand
6/11/83Committee of Management representatives appointed
9/11/83All new members to be supplied with ID disc and divot repairer
9/11/83Out of Bounds: Balls going over creek on 7th hole will now be deemed to be out of bounds.
9/11/83Tim Silver Trophy: majority voted to have partners by ballot rather than picking own partner.
5/12/83New members to play first four games with committee person to ensure correct scoring and etiquette on course.
5/12/83Practice swings on tees to be eliminated to speed up play.
5/12/83Spinning wheel purchased
6/2/84Fines to remain at maximum of $1
6/2/84VGL competitions to be held first Saturday of every month (e.g. Monthly Medal)
12/11/84Biscuits and cheese: cost to be paid by spinning wheel and the entry money for Nearest pin and longest drive to be accumulated to purchase golf balls at end of each month.
12/11/84Clubhouse – plans for new clubhouse accepted
4/5/85Equal Opportunities Act – articles altered to abide with this Act
3/10/87Fees: $40 Senior, $30 Pensioner, $20 junior, $10 Auxiliary
2/3/88Pennant – all players to wear yellow shirts
7/5/88Committee of Management  – recommend by Council that we set this up as there cannot be two clubs operating at Oakleigh Golf Club.
7/5/88Sand buckets – members to bring and use sand buckets in wet weather
7/6/88Incorporation of club discussed and moved to proceed
4/10/88Fees: $40 Senior, $30 Pensioner, $20 junior
8/11/88Removing balls from cup with putter to be banned by Match Committee
6/12/88Searching for balls in / near creek – members to have buggies clearly visible to players behind for safety reasons.
7/2/89Calling On – to be abandoned from now own due to issues with insurance
7/2/89Members to wear a shirt at all times and long socks required with shorts
7/2/89Golf bag tags purchased (200 for $172)
11/2/89Suspension of Mr R Eder until 1/10/89 due to circumstances at Tirhatuan Park
4/4/89Incorporation – club will consist of 8 executive members and 2 ordinary members
4/4/89Motion moved that the number of juniors in the club not exceed 30% of the total membership at any one time.
4/4/89Moved a motion that Mr Eder’s apology be accepted and he be permitted to play
2/5/89Players handicap comes under review at 1 January each year.  It will be terminated on this date if the player has not turned in 5 cards during the previous year.  Otherwise he will retain his handicap for the next 12 months regardless of how many games he plays.
2/5/89Motion ‘A limit be placed on the number of juniors in the Oakleigh Club’. Juniors cannot be a member until 14 years of age.
4/7/89Council can no longer pay all costs of building improvements.
4/7/89Mayor of Oakleigh to be offered membership of Oakleigh Golf Club during his term in office.
7/10/89Fees: $45 Full members, $35 Pensioners, $25 Juniors
7/10/89Pin High Cup – new competition to be introduced based on the 3 nearest the Pins holes and cumulative scopes totalled for award of the Pin High Cup
10/10/89Costs of refreshments to be reduced to $1.  Tea / coffee free.
8/11/89Birdie board to be discontinued
8/11/89All alterations on cards to be initialled when errors
6/2/90Letter from City of Oakleigh stating capital works on clubrooms ($7500)
3/5/90TV purchased for clubrooms + Bingo Board
3/5/90Furniture not to be removed from the clubrooms by any member for personal use
3/5/90Sand buckets must be used by members.  Lowest handicap member in each group responsible for seeing they are used.  20c fine for non-compliance
3/5/90R Galluccio – eagle achieved (awarded 20 balls)
3/5/90Handicaps to be adjusted weekly or Club Championship will become a farce
3/7/90Handicapper may use their discretion
3/7/90Removing ball from cup with putter not illegal
7/8/90Cross out balls are legal for competiton
22/10/90Club rooms usage for Weddings motion was carried.  Subject to approval by Ladies’ Club and Oakleigh Council
22/10/90Tee-off times: Summer – 6:30am, Winter 7:30am. Members hitting off prior to these times to be disqualified.
5/2/91Hitting in danger – two weeks suspension
5/3/91Bunker going in
5/3/91Handicaps: B Grade is now 13 and upwards
5/3/91Rules: Board under the willow tree on first hole to be treated as removable obstruction.
5/3/91Scoring – if a dispute arises between players it must be reported immediate the game is over
2/4/91Captains should not be interrupted when speaking
2/4/91Competition fees now $3
7/5/91Coffee mugs donated by L Newman
7/5/91Wrong handicaps on cards will lead to disqualification.  Handicap board is to be checked every Saturday.
7/5/91Juniors cannot go to Tocumwal because of licensing laws
18/5/91Cupboards to be marked ‘Mens’ and ‘ladies’ for storage purposes in the kitchen
2/11/91Nearest to the Pin markers to be placed square on to players tee-off position
23/11/91Guests are to be placed at the end of the competition sheet and they must play with the last group at all times.  This is to reduce the incidence of non-financial members marking and signing in competitions.
23/11/91Any past member who has not played or been financial with the Club for 12 months must submit a new application and re-apply for membership
14/2/92When a new member applies he will ‘have to front the committee prior to acceptance’
1/2/92Logos and rule books available to members after acceptance by Committee and after 5 cards submitted.
1/2/92Visitor’s book to be commenced.  Visitors to be signed in by a member
14/3/92Course measurement – 6 holes short.  Tim Silver to measure coarse with R Thompson.
4/4/92Non use of sand bucket is a 50c fine
2/5/92Playing order – members must put names down in order of arrival
3/10/92Juniors to pay with a senior at all times to prevent misconduct.
5/12/92Red Cross donation $25
5/12/92Nearest the Pins – now tow each week instead of four
6/2/93Italian Cup to be incorporated into syllabus and run concurrently with other events.
6/3/93Anti Cancer Council donation $50
3/4/93PO Box obtained at Chadstone (PO 133)
10/4/93Refurbishing of the clubrooms – OGC to pay $220 for new spike carpet
1/5/93Competition: Stableford – pick up your ball when you can’t score to speed up play
1/5/93Letterhead log changed to a more concise professional look
5/6/93Hitting off order – on holes other than 1st, ok for shorter hitters to hit first to speed up play and it is within the rules.
14/8/93For players to be eligible they must have played at least one week in the month prior.
4/10/94$45 Full adult, $35 Pensioner, $25 Junior
4/10/94Presentation night $20 Double, $10 Single
4/12/93Ball lost on fairway- irrespective of weather conditions, normal rules for lost ball apply unless in Ground Under Repair
4/12/93Finance committee to meet to formulate immediate, short term and long term financial plans
4/12/93Non use of sand buckets not subject to a stroke penalty
4/12/93Sign for membership on Tim Silver’s window advertising for new members
4/12/93Slow play is subject to penalty
8/1/94Committee cannot take a bunker out of play
8/1/94Clubroom roof to be sealed to stop dust coming in which was constituting a health hazard.
8/1/94Councillors to be made honorary members
8/1/94Members to have Club Handicaps after putting in 3 cards and Australian Handicap after putting in 5 cards.
8/1/94Name badges to be made for all committee members
5/2/94Penalty of non-use of sand buckets to be rescinded (contrary to rules of golf)
5/2/94Tee off time is 6:30 or first light
5/3/94Motion to proceed within installation of air-conditioning for club rooms (subject to Council approval)
5/3/94Red Cross Donation: $25, Anti-cancer council: $50
18/6/94Special Golf Day at Oakleigh proposed and agreed (to benefit Council)
18/6/94A, B and C grades to be set up with approximately equal numbers in each grade
10/10/94Rules of Incorporation to make provisions for Life Members
9/12/94C grade abolished
9/12/942 guest days in 1995. Club to pay fees of guests
1/4/95Ties in monthly medals will be decided on a count back
 6/6/2019 Member has heart attack on 7th hole but revived!
June 2019Website overhauled
3/12/2020OGC successful First Aid Grant funding submission – training to Vets, OGC ladies and mens
2020 and 2021Syllabus interrupted by frequent Covid 19 lockdowns.  Club implements Covid check-ins, Covid Plan
Jan 2021Printed score cards introduced into club by Captain Kris
March 2021Live scores introduced into Clubhouse by Captain Kris
April 2021Good Friday Charity earns over $1100
April 2022Good Friday Charity earns over $1200
Sep 2022Womens and Mens clubs officially amalgamate
Nov 2022Trip away to Cobram – Barooga
Nov 2022Inaugural joint committee (5 x men, 5 x women) nominated and accepted