1 Club Golf (English)

What is golf?

Golf is simple hit the ball from the starting area (the tee) until you get it in the hole the less shots you take the better。

What’s a good golfer?

A good golfer is a person who can complete 9 holes in 2 hours or less without negativity affecting anyone else by the way they play or their attitude towards playing, score is not important.

Why is golf the best game?

Golf allows people of all different backgrounds, ages, standards and physical abilities to play together and enjoy the benefits of being active outdoors.

What is 1ClubGolf?

1ClubGolf is the perfect gateway into the game of golf and is how many of the best players of the game started due to a lack of equipment which ended up being an advantage as it forced innovation, imagination and strategy. Its as it says golf with only 1 club used from start to finish doing away with the need to buy a set of club’s bag and trolley, making it cheaper and easier to learn. Whilst scoring can be an aspect of 1ClubGolf the aim is to enjoy the activity of golf at a brisk pace thus being great exercise and time effective in our busy lives.

The club is specially designed to make learning the game simple, fun, affordable and a big advantage if you choose to progress to playing with a set of clubs in the future. The club is the only one you will use from the first shot you play right through to getting the ball in the hole.

Let’s have fun !!!

Fun, Easy Affordable!